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Experience what a "Christ-centered" education can mean to your family!

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SS Peter And Paul School at 2160 California, California, KY 41007 US - Board of Total Catholic Education

Board of Total Catholic Education

Sts. Peter & Paul Board of Total Catholic Education (BOTCE) is a policy formulation body for the educational programs at Sts. Peter & Paul Parish.  It is subject to approval by the Pastor and to all policies and directives that proceed from the Diocesan Board of Education.  The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted, from August through May.


Members of the Board consist of Pastor (non-voting), Principal (non-voting), Director of Religious Education (non-voting), six (6) elected representatives (two each for a 3-year term), and the President of the PTC.

Anyone may serve on the Board who has the following qualifications:

·         Is a member of the parish;

·         Has vision and concern for the total Catholic educational needs of the parish;

·         Shows willingness to learn skills needed for consensus decision-making and communication;

·         Is not an employee of any educational program under the auspices of the Board.


The purpose of the Board is:

· To coordinate parochial educational activities

· To formulate policy for all educational activities of the Parish

· To create better understanding and support of Catholic education

· To maintain a close working relationship with the Parent-Teacher Club.

Policy concerning Communications and Petitions:
· Communications/petitions to the Board must be submitted in writing to a
   Board Member by the first Tuesday of the month.
·   Communications and petitions will be considered if the petitioner is willing
   to sign the communication or petition.


Theresa Bezold 3rd year, 2nd term
Brian Lauer 2nd year, 2nd term
Joe Reis 3rd year, 1st term
Scott Schoulties 2nd Year, 1st term
Pamela Dumaine 1st year, 1st term
Kristen Schalk 1st year, 1st term
Mandee Wells PTC President
Rev. Martin Pitstick Pastor
Sister Lynn Stenken Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Nicole Herrmann Principal



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